We are involved with Robes cold weather shelter.

SJDK is one of several churches, from a variety of denominations, who take it in turn to offer hospitality and shelter to a group of homeless people, one night a week, for the coldest months of the year. The hosting church offers a hot evening meal, a sleeping space for the night and breakfast the following morning. The shelter is run by volunteers from each church.

This year hosted the Robes Project on Friday evenings in Lent for five weeks. We hosted for a shorter period than usual this year, as the project is in transition: its capacity will double next year, but meanwhile there are more churches hosting the same number of guests. We also want those who take part to consider doing two sessions, to provide continuity for the guests, and increase our effectiveness.

We are so grateful for all of our volunteers, and we will be hosting for a longer period again next year. 

Please contact Jill Gregson via the SJDK contact form if you’d like to volunteer, or would like more information.




For more information please contact: